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If you haven’t been on social media for several years, you may not know who the Shut the F*#% Up guys are. No, not some vulgar comedy act or senseless cuss rambling. Simply put, the POT BROTHERS AT LAW are brothers, Marc & Craig Wasserman, California Attorneys handling all aspects of Cannabis Business licensing and regulations as well as all areas of Criminal Defense.

Due to their large social media presence with over one million followers and their educational videos have amassed over 800 million views collectively, they have created a World Wide Attorney Referral Network helping to connect good honest ethical attorneys for those in need.

MOST IMPORTANTLY they teach people to peacefully engage with law enforcement by simply using 25 words known as THE SCRIPT and to SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN COPS ASK QUESTIONS, The Script is copyrighted and trademarked along with SHUT THE FUCK UP for legal services.


The best way to insure that you take full advantage of the 5th Amendment is to NOT TALK. Our 25 word script is the roadmap to handling engagement with law enforcement. We give you the tools you need to be polite, respectful and maintain all of your rights remedies and defenses that maybe needed to fight criminal charges or to bring a civil action against the police or governmental agency.


We found that through our various social media pages: INSTAGRAM & TikTok @pot_brothers_at_law, YOUTUBE, TWITCH, TWITTER Pot Brothers at Law, we have been able to give out FREE legal information that you would otherwise be paying anywhere from $300 to $1000 for a consultation. When you have questions about your rights and dealing with law enforcement or basic information about cannabis laws and regulations, we encourage you to sift through our website and social media pages before paying for a consultation, as many answers are already there.


Now that we have your attention, these are the ONLY 25 words you will ever use when pulled over:

WHY DID YOU PULL ME OVER? I’M NOT DISCUSSING MY DAY. AM I BEING DETAINED or AM I FREE TO GO? (if detained) I INVOKE THE 5th. Then, no matter what the cops, says, do, how hard they try to intimidate you, lie to you, or scare you (I could go on and on with their tactics to get you to talk) you simply SHUT THE F#%@ UP!

Follow the Pot Brothers at Law on all social medial platforms and catch the #STFU SEMINAR: The Etiquette of Engaging Law Enforcement, next up in September with the Denver CANNACON expo.