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Areas Of Practice

The Pot Brothers At Law has over 50 years of litigation experience and is a full services law firm with experience trial, litigation, transactional and general counsel attorneys. Our lawyers have expertise in diverse areas of law, including business and corporate law, intellectual property, real estate, and family law matters.

Highly responsive to our clients’ needs, I expend every effort to meet their goals for business transactions and civil litigation.
More than 50 years of civil litigation practice in courts throughout California and have engaged in several high-profile cases.
We’ve earned an enviable reputation in the legal community for our professional and ethical approach to the law.
Non-Cannabis Practice Area

Our Areas of Practice

Pot Brothers At Law was founded by Craig Wasserman over 30 years ago who then brought his younger brother Marc Wasserman to the firm 10 years later and have taken their legal practice to a whole new level with their brand, Pot Brothers at Law, dedicated to providing legal services to the Medical and Commercial Marijuana Industry here in California.

Craig and Marc Wasserman are results-oriented attorneys dedicated to providing their clients with the highest caliber legal representation for over 30 years, earning them a distinguished reputation for offering effective legal counsel, quick response, and the highest level of professional integrity in the following areas of practice:

California is extremely hard on those convicted of a DUI. Even if the DUI charge is a first offense, the penalties...
Cannabis Law
At Pot Brothers At Law, we combine our knowledge and familiarity of the cannabis industry with current...
General Counsel
For your personal and business matters - handling Negotiations, contract review, and preparation...
Assault & Battery
Assault and battery is a serious charge, and as such, it requires serious and immediate legal attention.
The Pot Brothers At Law are very experienced in all expungement proceedings. They can advise you of the different...
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Drug Crimes
Whether you are facing charges related to cannabis possession, cultivation, possession of cannabis...
Criminal Defense
Providing aggressive defense for all felonies and misdemeanors from traffic citations to attempted murder...
Considered the most serious charge, a murder charge can result in a long prison sentences, and in some murder...
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Debt Relief
If you have accumulated too much debt, you may want to consider debt settlement to reduce...
Gang Allegations
One of the toughest cases to defend in Los Angeles criminal court is any charge that contains an allegation...
Civil Litigation - Defense
Requires more than an in-depth knowledge of state and federal law and procedure...
Jury Trial
A jury trial is the most dramatic part of litigation. Even when a case is resolved or settled before a jury trial...
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Workmans Compensation
Handling all aspects of Work Injuries, representing injured workers to ensure they...
Family Law
The Pot Brothers At Law has extensive experience in family law matters, providing assistance with prenuptial, postnuptial...
Property Crimes
Property crimes often referred to as crimes against property, can be serious offenses in California, with strict...
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Violent Crimes
If you are suspected of murder, aggravated assault, or another violent crime, an experienced criminal defense...
Debt Relief
If you have accumulated too much debt, you may want to consider debt settlement to reduce...
While misdemeanor charges are less serious than felony charges, they still may involve serious penalties...

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