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When you decide to open a cannabis-related business, in Cslifornia, you have many different factors to consider.

You can hire a California business attorney and go about your licensing, permitting, land use, and zoning the right way, however, you still have to deal with government officials.

Just because medical marijuana is legal here in California, it doesn't mean that all of the political and government officials agree with this choice.

So it's important to deal with all of your local officials in the most positive way in order to make your medical cannabis business operation as smooth as possible. As the owner or operator of a medical cannabis business, you want to have strong connections in the community, and California's Medical Marijuana Attorneys, Pot Brothers at Law, California Cannabis Community's first choice for Medical Marijuana Attorney, can help.

Medical Marijuana Safety and Regulation Act of 2015 (MMSRA)

Pot Brothers at Law, Cannabis industry attorneys are extensively familiar with the MMRSA and can help you protect your business ventures,


State Cannabis Business Licenses

At Pot Brothers at Law, we understand the different processes involved in State Licensing and Registration for Cannabis-Related Businesses.


General Counsel for the Cannabis Industry

At Pot Brothers at Law, we combine our knowledge and familiarity of the cannabis industry with current trends and upturns in the industry. We know much of the product-related, and licensing issues surrounding the industry.


Represents Cannabis Dispensaries and Delivery Services

Pot Brothers at Law's, Southern California Cannabis Attorneys work with cannabis industry retailers on corporate and compliance issues to provide innovative representation to our dispensary and delivery clients.


Cannabis Cultivation Licensing and Regulations

Pot Brothers at Law understands California Cultivation Regulations and Licensing. Working with operators for a variety of different licenses, type 1, 2, 3, and 4 for the cultivation of medical cannabis.


Cannabis Manufacturing Type 6 and 7 Licenses

Pot Brother at Law works with Operators Manufacturing Edibles, Topicals, Concentrates and Other Cannabis Products in Obtaining required Licenses, Type 6 and 7 State Licenses and local permits for Cannabis Industry Operators.


Cannabis Testing Labs Type 8 Licenses

Pot Brothers works tirelessly to provide strong and innovative representation to each client, whether you are a publicly traded company or a developing start-up, our goal is always to focus on delivering an unmatched quality of representation and obtain the absolute best results.

Cannabis Political Advocacy

If you are interested in strengthening the connection between yourself and your business community, we are here to assist you. Advocacy is important when you rely on your surrounding political and business communities to be an ally, not an adversary.



Pot Brothers at Law are Southern California's most innovative medical marijuana lawyers, cannabis business law, regulatory compliance, and a criminal defense firm with offices located in Orange County, California, located 30 min South of Los Angeles.

Personalized & Effective Legal Solutions

Possessing the skills and expertise as if a large firm, providing innovation and with client centric values, efficiency driven results.

Trusted Voice in the Cannabis Community

Pot Brothers at Law stands proud to provide our clients with exceptional representation and an unsurpassed work product.

Experienced Cannabis Industry Attorneys

Being prominent and experienced medical cannabis attorneys, having a comprehensive view of the unique needs of the cannabis industry and offers a wide range of legal services including business formation, transactions, regulatory compliance, and criminal defense..

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