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The WassLaw Firm has over 50 years of litigation experience and is a full services law firm with experience trial, litigation, transactional and general counsel attorneys. Our lawyers have expertise in diverse areas of law, including business and corporate law, intellectual property, real estate, and family law matters.

The WassLaw Firm was founded by Craig Wasserman over 30 years ago who then brought his younger brother Marc Wasserman to the firm 10 years later and have taken their legal practice to a whole new level with their brand, Pot Brothers at Law, dedicated to providing legal services to the Medical and Commercial Marijuana Industry here in California. Craig and Marc Wasserman are results-oriented attorneys dedicated to providing their clients with the highest caliber legal representation for over 30 years, earning them a distinguished reputation for offering effective legal counsel, quick response, and the highest level of professional integrity in the following areas of practice:


Highly responsive to our clients’ needs, I expend every effort to meet their goals for business transactions and civil litigation.


More than 50 years of civil litigation practice in courts throughout California and have engaged in several high-profile cases.


We've earned an enviable reputation in the legal community for our professional and ethical approach to the law.


Considered the most serious charge, a murder charge can result in a long prison sentences, and in some murder cases, in the death penalty. A person is charged with murder if it is suspected that the act was premeditated. If the murder is found to not have been deliberate or premeditated, a manslaughter charge may be made.

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While misdemeanor charges are less serious than felony charges, they still may involve serious penalties such as fines, jail time, or loss of driving privileges. We understand that your future is at stake when facing charges. With that in mind, our criminal defense lawyers look at all possible options in order to minimize any consequences you might face.

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Property Crimes

Property crimes, often referred to as crimes against property, can be serious offenses in California, with strict penalties upon conviction. If you or a loved one was arrested in connection with a property crime, we encourage you to schedule a consultation immediately.

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Violent Crimes

If you are suspected of murder, aggravated assault or another violent crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can secure your rights. Our office prides itself in offering experienced, compassionate, and dedicated representation on behalf of our adult and juvenile clients. When you or a family member faces a violent crime charge, contact The WassLaw Firm.

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Need an Expert Litigation or Criminal Defense Lawyer?


When you decide to open a cannabis-related business, in your area, you have many different factors to consider.

Even if you hire a business attorney and go about your licensing, permitting, land use, and zoning the right way, you still have to deal with government officials.

Although medical marijuana is legal here in California, it doesn't mean that all of the political and government officials agree with this choice.

It is important to deal with all of your local officials in the most positive way in order to make your business operation as smooth as possible. As the owner or operator of a cannabis business, you want to have strong connections in the community, and Pot Brothers at Law can help.


Pot Brothers at Law are Southern California's most innovative boutique business law, regulatory compliance, and criminal defense firm with offices located in Orange County, located 30 min south of Los Angeles.

Personalized & Effective Legal Solutions

Possessing the skills and expertise as if a large firm, providing innovation and with client centric values, efficiency driven results.

Trusted Voice in the Cannabis Community

Pot Brothers at Law stands proud to provide our clients with exceptional representation and an unsurpassed work product.

Experienced Cannabis Industry Attorneys

Being prominent and experienced attorneys having a comprehensive view of the unique needs of the cannabis industry and offers a wide range of legal services including business formation, transactions, regulatory compliance, and criminal defense..


Have You Been Arrested?

The criminal process could unearth many uncertainties. We can answer your questions along the way.

This firm was able to get 4 felony charges, 2 arrests a few years apart, dismissed due to unreasonable search and seizure and lying under oath. I would not trust my freedoms to any other firm.  Plus they went to bat for me and was able to successfully get an Court Order to return all the medical cannabis, money, phones, wax, edibles, for my Delivery service I used to run. They are also educating the cannabis community on their civil rights and CA laws. Follow them on Instagram, Pot_Brothers_At_Law.

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