Medical Cannabis Business Compliance

California Cannabis Industry Attorneys working with California Cannabis Businesses for Compliance, having answers to your most pressing questions about the MMJ law.

Facing Criminal Drug Related Charges?

Pot Brothers at Law provides legal representation for our clients who may be facing criminal prosecution for various state and federal drug related charges...

Consumer, Legal & Business Consulting

Considering opening a Medical Marijuana Collective? Need of legal advise and/or business consulting services, Pot Brother's at Law is here to assist you.


Considering forming a Medical Marijuana co-operative or a Medical Marijuana collective in California's Medical Cannabis Business or need our Medical Cannabis legal and/or Medical Cannabis Business Consulting Services? Pot Brothers at Law, California's leading Medical Cannabis Law Firm, having the top Medical Marijuana Lawyers in Los Angeles and Orange County, are ready and available now to assist you with your Medical Marijuana needs!!!

Pot Brothers at Law, California's Premiere Medical Cannabis and Criminal Defense Attorneys, Craig and Marc Wasserman, have represented countless criminal and medical cannabis cases in the State of California and have seen an increase in the demand for experienced medical marijuana attorneys in regards to California's cannabis laws. The Wasserman Brothers offer consulting and representation services in California, providing legal tips and advice to anyone in need.

Craig and Marc Wasserman, California's top choice for Medical Marijuana Lawyers known as The Pot Brothers at Law, have one of the most valuable business cards they handout. Besides having their contact information, but on the flip side in big bold letters is there famous STFU 25 word statement to remind you of your right to remain silent and to politely inform the police of your decision to 'Shut The Fuck Up.' Great advise from your neighborhood medical marijuana attorneys.

Pot Brothers is Ready to Handle your Criminal Defense

Pot Brothers at Law Takes the Aggressive Approach Your Case Requires.

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We Bring the Best Legal Team in Cannabis Law to the table

Craig Wasserman


Craig's dedication to his clients, attention to detail, and involvement in the Medical Marijauna Community has made him one of the top Medical Marijuana attorneys in Southern California .

Marc Wasserman


Marc's greatest ability is to analyze the strengths and weakness of both sides of a case, and to determine the best path that is in the client's best interest.


Have You Been Arrested?
The criminal process could unearth many uncertainties. We can answer your questions along the way.

This firm was able to get 4 felony charges, 2 arrests a few years apart, dismissed due to unreasonable search and seizure and lying under oath. I would not trust my freedoms to any other firm.  Plus they went to bat for me and was able to successfully get an Court Order to return all the medical cannabis, money, phones, wax, edibles, for my Delivery service I used to run. They are also educating the cannabis community on their civil rights and CA laws. Follow them on Instagram, Pot_Brothers_At_Law.

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